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Visual Artist & Photographer

Born in 1967 -  Paris, France



Visual Artist & Photographer Born in 1967 - Paris, France


David Feruch's passion for photography awoke at the dawn of his 17th birthday, during a trip to the south of France. He then applied himself with careful fervor to draw the portrait of each member of his family, in order to fix the fleeting essence of these precious moments with his loved ones.


Observing this nascent passion, his father introduced him to his friends: David thus becomes the assistant of a celebrity porter and then studio photographers, who introduced him to the subtleties of this art. Once the eye was seasoned, David Feruch quickly worked as an art photographer with Bernard Baruch-Steinitz, Giorgio Salvai and Charles Sakr for museum catalogs and interior designers.


During these years, he acquired a mastery of framing, light and color that allowed him to treat his subjects with more accuracy and precision, to which he lends mood and personality by playing on perspective and lighting modulations



In the 1980s, while David Feruch filmed a young woman on a white background, he imported the image with his friends on a computer to create a graphic and sophisticated universe in which his muse would flourish as he pleased.


It is a click for the artist who then adapts this technique to all his work, consisting in particular of digitizing his collages to rework them. In a constant back and forth between the physical image and the computer, he thus shapes his so particular technique. From this marriage were born the first "Extractions" in black and white and then in color, and it was in 2008 that the first pieces were printed on aluminum plates.


David Feruch will gradually reintegrate the human figure into his work from charcoal sculptures and sketches, the artist's creativity constantly oscillating between figuration and abstraction in order to preserve all his emotional essence.


Autoprtrait 1985
lover's 1989


2022 Salon d'Automne 2022

2022 Les Jeux Artistiques

2020 Star media : Laurent Amar

2018 Sciences & art contemporain : Alain Cardenas


2017 LandEscape Art Review

Interview by Scott Rider & Barbara Scott (18 pages)

2015 Le nouveau cénacle par Christian Schmitt



2023 Galerie Etienne de Causan 

7506 Paris - Digital is my art

exposition collective

2022 Série 20 pièces Bentley Stories



2022 Exposition collective 

Les portraits d'Eloise Valli




Vente de la série "Autour du château de Swann

au chateaux d'Illiers Combray par Maitre Jack-Philippe RUELLAN



Carrousel du Louvre 4 juin

Vernissage "Autour du Château de Swann"




2021 "Les Visages Univers"

Galerie L'Atelier de Belleville


2021"Les Insolites" dessins

Galerie L'Atelier de Belleville



Galerie c'est ici, 12 rue Notre Dame de Nazareth 75003 Paris


2019 Présentation de l’exposition "OVERVIEW"
.05/11 au 07/11.Galerie Sonia Monti. 6, avenue Delcassée 75008 Paris


2018 "David Feruch Visual Artist & Photographer"
.05/04 au 02/05 L’atelier de Belleville. 29, rue de la Vilette  75019 Paris


2016 Exposition collective

«Galerie Sonia Monti».01/05 au 01/08. 6 avenue Delcassée 75008 Paris


2015 "Autour des oeuvres de David Feruch"
.17/06  au 19/06Atelier de couture Gilbert Feruch 33 rue Jean Goujon  75008 Paris


2014 Exposition «Under water up to the Stars»
.04/12 au 15/12 «chez Grace Teshima» 46, rue des Abbesses . 75018 Paris 



2012 «New Vision».

.22/11 au 03/12 «Le Salon de Paris 16


2011 Exposition "New Vision of Paris" 
.03-01 au 03-31. Galerie Sponte 183 avenue du Maine. 75014 Paris



2011Série «New Vision». 

"Royal Opera Arcade, Pall Mall"London, UK


2011 «New Vision of Paris»

"Atelier d’artiste Arte della felicita" Galerie Sponte  Naples, Italia


2010 "Autour de Michel Onfrey", (le ventre des philosophes)
S.Cattai, D.Feruch, T.Guiollois, D.Lui, C.Mollard, C.Sah
. 14 oct/5 nov 2010.Galerie Sponte 183 avenue du Maine 75014 Paris



2009 Présentation de l’exposition «New Vision»             Vendome creation , 61 rue de la Boetie 75008 Paris


2009 «New Vision».
.16 au 25 janvier 2009  «Salon de la Tour Eiffel» CMO Organisation. Paris  

Autoprtrait 1985
lover's 1989
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